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Welcome to Stingray Angling Charter, one of the most popular angling charter vessels in North Wales!


Book early to secure Best Tides, neaps always better than springs!

Stingray is a safe purpose built vessel, comfortable and well founded, fully insured in full compliance with the 60-mile code of practice. Based in Cemaes, it is ideal for sea fishing trips off Anglesey. Recently all electronic equipment has been replaced with the state of the art electronics including:

  • a revolutionary forward-looking echo sounder

  • a conventional echo sounder

  • a new GPS system

  • and radar


North Anglesey extends some 20 miles into the Irish Sea, so no lengthy voyages are necessary to reach the several wrecks, which lie, to the the North and West of Cemaes Bay, for this reason you spend most of your time fishing.

Specimens are varied and substantial in size, most times these exceed double figures. The most commonly caught specimens include:

- Cod
- Pollock
- Coley
- Huss
- Skate
- Conger
- Ling
- Spurdog
- and Tope


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 Home  -  Trips & Activities  -  Photo Gallery  -  Contact & Booking  

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