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North Anglesey extends some 20 miles into the Irish Sea, so no lengthy voyages are necessary to reach the several wrecks, which lie, to the the North and West of Cemaes Bay, for this reason you spend most of your time fishing.

  • Stingray is coded to carry up to 10 persons.
  • Mixed parties and youngsters are welcome.
  • Free basic rods and tackle for beginners.
  • Assistance and advice.
  • Tackle is available on board and bait can be ordered in advance.
  • Specialist rods fitted with multipliers and braid can also be hired.

All electronic equipment has been replaced with the up to date electronics including:

  • a revolutionary forward-looking echo sounder
  • a conventional echo sounder
  • a GPS system
  • and radar

On arrival at Cemaes, breakfasts can be arranged at the Harbour Hotel.

Accommodation can also be arranged.

Scenic Coastal Sea Trips to observe the cliffs and coves and off shore islands including Middle Mouse, West Mouse and the Skerries Lighthouse...

At sea, the Stingray makes an ideal platform for the discerning photographer and ornithologist. The excitement of coming close to the Porpoise, Dolphin and the Grey Atlantic Seal where several colonies exist off Craig yr Lwrch West of Cemlyn Bay, and probably as many as 60 seals exist on the Skerries Islands within the lagoon.

The arrival in the spring of the Arctic Tern and Puffin on the Skerries is a sight not to be missed. On the wing, the Gannets are so graceful, diving into the sea to catch the illusive mackerel.

The Stingray is a comfortable and safe vessel coded to carry 10 persons. The vessel can be chartered for short or extended times at sea...

To celebrate a birthday maybe, a special family event, or a desire to get away from it all for a few hours. Whilst at sea, if nature calls, the Stingray has the facility of a toilet and the availability to brew a cup of tea or coffee!

The Stingray has already been used as a stable platform for filming at sea professional documentaries etc etc.

* At low water on the Skerries, you can be within a few feet of the seals as they rest on the rocks.

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